September 14, 2013

And After 7 Months...

Oh my GIDDIYAH!!! 

How time flies by! It has clearly been seven months since my last post. And I somehow left without a word... literally... coz my last post was a "Wordless Wednesday" post. LOL

Whew! I missed y'all so much... and I missed blogging a LOT! This is actually a constructive outlet good therapy for me... :D

I'm just glad I'm back on here now. There's so much I'd like to share with y'all as so much have changed with our life. 

Ooh! Ooh! Guess what MAJOR change we have this time around? (Drum roll, please...) WE'RE HOMESCHOOLERS AGAIN!!!! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. Yep! We're back to homeschoolin'! The kiddos wanted it, I wanted it and let me see... who else wanted it? Bah! It don't really matter. I am just blessed and praising the LORD Jesus for allowing us to homeschool again.

Got me a 3rd Grader and a 1st Grader in class this year!
I'm STILL a SAHM... and I'm STILL loving it. Though I'm starting to be convinced that I really suck at homemaking! LOL... Sigh! It's just that there seems to be too much clutter around the apartment and I can't (or maybe it's don't?) want to get to them at this time. I'm so bad, I know... but it amuses me when I heard someone say somewhere that frequent clutter means you have a NEED to upgrade your space. Bahahaha! I TOTALLY agree. I think we need more space than what we have right now. BUT, but, but... I'm NOT complaining. I'm praising God for this apartment unit we're staying in. We had left our 1-bedroom unit the moment our contract was up and we've moved into a 2-bedroom one for now. February's fast approaching, though...and renewing our contract will be up for consideration again by then. Do you think we'll move for a bigger space (again)? Hahahaha... We will leave it to the LORD to decide on THAT!

Hey, I'm really just glad to be back here in my blog. I'll be sharing things here and there with y'all again... you know, the lessons I learn from life (even the ones I learned the hard way); the victories I'll have as a SAHM; tips on how to fake make it; my wishful thinkings and more.

I hope y'all stay with me through thick and thin now. I'm blessed to have you. You are special and you are a blessing to us! Thanks for catching up with me. I'll see ya in my next post. ;)


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